Our Purpose and Mission Statement

Working to build God's dream. Help wanted!

We the people of Glen Rhodes United Church, are determined that our life together will be fully inclusive for people of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, differing abilities, ethnic origins and economic circumstances. Therefore, we hope that God will work in us so that we will be a sensitive congregation, willing to share our faith and gifts in language and worship, in the life and work of our church and wherever God calls us to do justice in the wider community, with compassion, fun and laughter

Help wanted!

This is the page where the Glen Rhodes congregation shares its exciting ideas for ministry that will help build God's dream, and where you may discover a calling, a passion, or a community that shares your understanding of the world we want and need.

Please note: these are not paying jobs. Glen Rhodes would love to be able to employ many people in the struggle for a world more fair and peaceful. These are calls for caring people to volunteer their time, energy and creativity.

Help wanted...
...with ministry ideas:

Social times for young families
Glen Rhodes has space and facilities for its neighbours to gather and get to know one another, and share ideas for parenting. We're thinking about parents at home with young children, for example. The lower hall is available most Wednesday and Thursday mornings, and there are other spaces in the church available even more frequently.
Would you like to be part of an informal coffee and discussion group? Would you like to help organize it, or publicize it? 

To find out more, or offer help, contact Rev. Robin Wardlaw at:
  •          glenrhodesminister@bellnet.ca
  •          416-465-3755
  •          or drop by the church some morning (Tues - Fri, 10:30 - 12), when Robin is usually available.                   

Help wanted...
...with specific volunteer positions:

Volunteers at the Food Bank and Drop In
The Community Food Program at Glen Rhodes offers groceries to hundreds of people per month. A participant can also get tea, coffee, breakfast and snacks twice a week (Wednesdays from 9 - 11:30 and 2 - 4:30).
Three coordinators and about twenty other volunteers make it all work, from setting up the room to registration at the computer, work in the kitchen and filling orders. It's busy, noisy and caring. New people stand out, as they try to figure out what to do first, and others often sit with friends over a coffee as they wait their turn to be served.
It seems we can usually welcome another pair of hands. If you'd like to volunteer, simply show up on a Wednesday and ask for a coordinator. They will be able to tell you if we're short-staffed. Thank you for considering this important work!

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