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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Putting Easter in the budget

There was a big crowd downstairs at the food bank again this morning. Over 120 people. In 120 minutes. Volunteers get stressed, food is stretched, people have to pay for food with their dignity--this charity model has many things against it.
The provincial budget is coming up though. Could Ontario do something better, something different to make sure all its citizens have food to eat? Perhaps some Easter thinking is in order. And we could substitute Passover, Ramadan and probably many other festivals of which I am less aware. Sharing food seems to be at the heart of many religions. Not in food banks, though. They were a good experiment, but we've had enough time now (over a generation with them) to know they aren't the answer. 
So what about provincial government? We seem to be splashing money around on various projects these last few days in the run up to the budget. Will you commit to doing something better, something more sustainable to make sure families have food here? 
Fifty-nine people from the church and the food bank just signed a joint letter asking for change and it's on it's way to you, Madame Premier, and the Minister of Finance.
And what about the rest of us? If you give to a food bank, please write a letter, too, asking that the budget address issues of extreme low income and food security. 
Giving is good. Getting some change in the system is better.

Robin Wardlaw

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